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How To Support MEGA

Outlined are some of the marketing strategies you may wish to exploit so as to be part of the success of the Mega Awards:

- Sponsorship & Endorsement

With options of mouth-watering incentives and benefits.

- Air-time on Simult-Cast of MEGA (Awards) Show

Work out a prime-time marketing partnership with television and radio stations that major corporate players can buy into with their TVCs, jingles and such.

- Award Category Endowment

Aggressive marketing of prominent categories of awards that may be named after corporate bodies willing to endow in one or more categories.

- Sponsorship of Countdown Programmes on Radio and Television

Ample opportunity for small-scale participants.

- Advert Placement in Event Brochure

This can be exploited simultaneously with other options, especially for small-scale participants.

- Sponsorship of Pre-Event Programmes

Few medium-level events will be organized to expand marketing scope.

- Winners as Ambassadors

As a matter of principle, winners of prime awards category shall be persuaded, within the space constraints of their professional schedule, to headline pre-programmed events throughout the year of their “reign” as is common with Beauty Pageants. The roll-on effect on subsequent events is staggering. This will not only endear the decorated artiste to his/her immediate constituency - the Nigerian fans - but will create constant reminder in the heart of the sponsor that its sponsoring brand will continue to enjoy continuous and spiralling positive exploitation.