There are some wonderful success stories in our entertainment community (especially the faith-based variant) and by recognizing and promoting their achievements, and the organisations and individuals behind them, we can set higher standards, encourage best practices, and build and strengthen positive, character-moulding entertainment in Nigeria.

This premier music personality award project will provide an opportunity to:
Recognize musicians, practitioners and support personnel for their contributions, enthusiasm and dedication to deepening worship and general development of gospel music.
Receive national recognition for the contributions that individuals and organisations make to the gospel music community and industry.
Attract new talents and encourage greater corporate involvement of organisations and professional bodies through recognition as leading entertainment and music-loving organisations.
Meet and learn from other industry leaders as off-shoots of the awards ceremony.
Strengthen the latent potential of the Nigerian music industry.

Footprints Pub & Media Ltd. (FPML) in collaboration with a volunteer group of extremely committed and highly successful professionals, has taken up the assignment of pioneering a truly comprehensive award ceremony for the country's gospel music industry with the potential to draw international acclaim not only to the incredible talents of Nigerian gospel artistes; but showcase the richness and great potential of Nigerian entertainment.

In the conception, articulation and management of this award, Footprints has evolved a unique relationship with different stakeholders within the Nigerian music community that will protect, preserve and maintain the independence, stability and continuity of the MEGA in perpetuity.

It is gladdening to note that many strategic stakeholders, pioneers and industry pillars (both corporate and individuals) have accepted to support and empower the awards.

Footprints Pub & Media Ltd. (FPML), an integrated communications outfit, is led by Femi Akintunde-Johnson, FAJ, who has been the creator and founding coordinator of a number of the major awards in the country, in the past 20 years.

FAJ was a multiple award-winning entertainment journalist before he established FAME Weekly (with two friends in 1991). Between 1992 and 1997 he created and coordinated the Fame Music Awards, FMA and The Movie Awards, THEMA. The two awards achieved national prominence and great success under his guidance.

In mid 1997, Femi with his partner, Iretunde Akintunde-Johnson (a former reporter with Punch and editor of defunct Tee-Vee Guide magazine) and two other friends, established National Encomium weekly magazine. Between 1997 and 2000, two awards were also created and coordinated by FAJ, viz: Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria, AMEN and The Reel Awards. These awards equally became instant household names, spanning a number of years, and affecting many careers.

It is this wealth of experience, in robust collaboration with several associates who have sharpened their skills with sundry successful initiatives and businesses, that he and his team have put at the disposal of the MEGA Awards in order to bring the ideals of this project into a glorified reality.

- The Award Secretariat


To honour and celebrate the best Nigerian talents in the service of humanity and exaltation of the Almighty.


To promote and celebrate wholesome living espoused through music.
Stimulate Nigerian gospel music, nay African music to spread exuberantly across the world.
Identify, mentor and expose gospel entertainment talents to a level that will astound humanity and glorify God.
Provide a platform for education, exposure and deepening of the potential and rich culture of the African modern societies.